What does Next Generation Due Diligence™ do?

It Enables Accelerated, Comprehensive, Affordable Decision Making Support

If a due diligence decision is important enough to warrant top leadership’s attention, there must be a sound due diligence process to support making the right decision in the right way, especially when decisions involve:

  • Merger, acquisition or divestiture
  • Business crisis response,
  • Board and Officer Risks
  • Major technology investments, and enterprise transformation initiatives

These decisions drive the vast majority of shareholder value, brand image and reputations of the company, board members, and the officers involved. They need proven processes, tools and solutions beyond those developed to support normal business operations. Ad hoc decision groups without proven frameworks and processes designed to address these “Business Unusual” decisions cannot deliver the decision support needed.  Most outside accounting and consulting firms regardless of their overall brand image, only provide traditional analysis and limited insights. Better solutions are needed! For over 35 years, Due Diligence, Inc. has provided due diligence support for clients ranging from small businesses and private companies to Fortune 500 companies to the largest multi-nationals. Our efforts at improving this vital part of corporate life over many years resulted in the creation of our Next Generation Due Diligence. It is designed to support organizations regardless of size, location or purpose. It serves Boards, C-level executives, functional leaders, private equity partners, attorneys, and investment bankers with targeted, research driven solutions, and with a proven track record of success. It’s so impactful and efficient you will want it as a standard foundation for managing key “Business Unusual” situations and events. The Next Generation Due Diligence tools, resources and insights provide unique, technology-enabled decision-making frameworks that quickly clarify decision drivers, efficiently identify and analyze key issues and alternatives, filter out spurious factors, and provide a proven structured decision making process. They also build support for the decision across the key functions and stakeholders required to effectively implement the decision. Next Generation Due Diligence improves outcomes and accelerates decision making. It turns “business unusual” into business as usual.